About Us

Deuel Area Development, Inc (DADi) is a non-profit corporation, 502 (c) 3, that exists to facilitate local and regional community and economic development in the Deuel County area.

Deuel Area Development, Inc.,(DADi) has a vision for the future of Deuel County to be a vibrant place for people to flourish, to earn a productive living, to build businesses, to appreciate the natural beauty of the rural Prairie Coteau and to value the gift of community.  Read about DADi, our Stakeholders and the Coteau here. Take a look around our website and then contact us; become a friend of Deuel County!!

In January 2014, DADi and ECDC completed a merger of the two corporations. For more information on DADi's Timeline, please see history here.

Board of Directors and Executive Board for 2020

Director Joan Sacrison, Terry Pederson, Arla Olson, Chairperson Nancy Hartenhoff-Crooks, Cody Eastman and Daryl Feilmeier.  Not pictured is Deb Lessman, and Craig Evenson, City Rep Gary Eide and County Rep Steve Rhody, and Office Assistant Renae Engelkes.


Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, owns property, or goes to school or church in the Deuel area. We welcome all businesses, individuals and organizations. We invite you to join as your funding continues to keep Deuel County moving forward.

Office & Staffing. The DADi office is located on the east end of the 1st floor of the Deuel County Courthouse.  Joan  B. Sacrison is the Executive Director of Deuel Area Development, Inc. Renae Engelkes is a part-time Office Asssistant.

Get Involved! Are you community minded and think about getting involved in civic organizations?  We need you in our county!  Contact us and we encourage you to get involved.

At the present time we have these committees along with the director:

  • Wildlife Estates Committee: Daryl, Craig & Terry Pederson
  • CLCommunity Garden:  Daryl, Deb & Dean Trautman
  • Clear Lake Housing/Industrial Committee Established in 2018: Gary Eide, Harry Mewherter, Ren, Daryl, Craig, Chad & Rich
  • Deuel County Community Transit Committee: Rachel Pfaffendorf, Carol Olson, Tammy Krein (ICAP), Ruth Twedt (Sanford), Christa Bittner (City of Clear Lake)
  • Wellmark Healthy Hometown: Ruth Twedt & Tammy Baer (Sanford), Kayla Bucknell, Karlys Wells, Darla Toben, Bonnie Budahl