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Welcome to the uniqueness of our website.  Aiding in economic development; this page is dedicated to 'culture' in all of it's forms.  From visual, literary, and performing arts to a broader range of disciplines.  This page is composed of many endeavors that reflect a unique or a different side to our lives in Deuel.  Please explore further and if you see one of those disciplines that we've forgotten, please let us know. 



Deuel County Historical Museums

Clear Lake Historical Society

Museum Opens Mondays in June, July, and August at 1:00 am with Tea at 3:00 pm.

Volunteers are welcome!
Contact person:  Sue DeJong
Email:, 605.874.2201

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Gary Historical Museum
PO Box 83
Gary, SD 57237

Contact Person(s): 
Albert Bekaert

Home: 605.272.5295

Patti Haas
Ellen Schulte
Barb Stangeland







The Artists in the Area

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There is room for the development of an arts community in Deuel County. Already several fine artists already reside in our communities.

Although there is currently no active development of an arts community, there is much potential and support, as the people are invested in improving their communities and bring in new residents and visitors through multiple areas of appeal. (If you know of someone that should be on this list but has been inadvertantly left off, please let us know.)


Artists in our Area
Dale Bandel  Rita Tate
Joyce Meyer Randy Meyer
David Denelsback Victoria Hanna (Briar Rose Fibers)
Tammy Canaan Leon Kaiser
Shirly Holt Suzanne Fairchild




Shirly Ann Jeppesen Holt (SAHJ) has the unique ability to capture the soul and spirit of her subjects in clay sculptures, an art she has mastered from her South Dakota studio, overlooking Lake Cochrane.  SAJH's artistry transcends generations, eras, and styles, offering a unique collection with universal appeal.  You immediately sense the character and life of those SAJH has sculpted the moment you gaze on her sculptures whether its her Western sculptures, her Dakota Women who embody the spirit of the Dakotas, or her heartfelt abstracts and authentic representations of real subjects done from live models or photographs.  

SAJH's 30 years of sculpture was born from her fascination with faces and expressions.  Her artistic talent has enabled her to turn that fascination into memorable works of art that reflect not only the images of her subjects, but capture their personality and soul in a way that is unforgettable.  Her commissioned works have included children, doctors, lawyers, professional athletes (including Minnesota Vikings), coaches, and other celebrities; as well as subjects who have passed on.  These works are often done from photographs and descriptions provided by loved ones to help Shirly capture the subject's look, soul, and spirit in an authentic way.

Her works have been featured on television in both South Dakota and Minnesota.  Her sculptures can be found in hospitals, banks, schools, museums, and churches across South Dakota, Minnesota and in homes throughout the nation.  SAJH was artist in residence for the South Dakota State Fair twice.  SAJH has recently launched limited edition bronze reproductions of her sculpture prairie lady "Watching" for sale to the general public, and plans to release additional reproductions of her work in the near future.  She has won numerous first place and people's choice awards throughout her career.

You can contact SAJH for more information about her original sculptures, limited editions or for a private commissioning by clicking on the picture of the statue above.