What Others Are Saying

~~ Leslie Larson-Cutshaw, Career Counselor, Deuel High School - 2021

As Deuel High School’s Career Counselor, I want to share my observations regarding the impact of Deuel Area Development Inc. (DADi) on our county.  I believe that DADi has been an essential agency in the development of a solid economy and continual community development in Deuel County.   Our county is economically strong and flourishing due to DADi ‘s work to encourage the development of new businesses and supporting established businesses. 

Over the past five years, the DADi’s staff has shared their expertise in community development and knowledge of local businesses by assisting our students and I on a multitude of projects including but not limited to mentorship, entrepreneurship, and career job shadow opportunities.

Additionally, DADi’s website has been an asset to me, providing me with up-to-date contact information for local businesses which has allowed me to assist students with their career internships. 

In summary, Deuel Area Development, Inc. has been an essential agent to economic and community development in Deuel County.


~~Mary DeSutter, GM Americas Best Value Inn, Clear Lake, SD-- 2021

When I first moved to Clear Lake, I was not real sure if I had made the right change in my life.  I started working at Americas Best Value Inn here in Clear Lake on March 1, 2020.  I had previously managed a motel in Arlington SD and left with a bad taste in my mouth.   I would never manage a motel again.  Hello!!!!   So why am I doing this again?  Easy!!  I needed to work! 

     One of the first people that came to visit me at the motel was Joan.  She Walks in with her big smile and says “Welcome to Clear Lake!!”  During our conversation I learned some valuable information about Clear Lake that came to help me with my transition here in town. I found out Joan knew more about the motel than I did.   As Joan left, she said anything you need help with just give me a call.  “Hi Joan this is Mary from ABVI.  I need your help!!”  One of the biggest thing Joan helped me with was finding employment.  The Facebook page she has for DADI gets much more interest than my personal page does.  Joan got many more hits than I did.  After many weeks we did find a wonderful housekeeper to work at the motel.  And it was because Joan helped me.

     Joan is a very fine representative for our town.  Her enthusiasm and friendliness made me feel very welcome in Clear Lake.  The attention that she gave to me made me feel like I belonged in Clear Lake.


~~ Tim Begalka, Soda Gardens & Sodak- Deuel Farmer's Market-- 2021

     I'm Tim Begalka, owner of Sodak Gardens, a small business located near Cler Lake, SD.  I want people to know what a great job that Deuel Area Development (DADi) has done in helping me promote my business and other businesses in Deuel County.  First, the Director Joan Sacrison has helped promote our Farmer's Market.  She set up a Facebook page for it, and printed calling cards to hand out. She also has her own DADi Facebook page, and a very nice website which contains a lot of good information of interest to the entire area and its businesses.  She has also helped us by promoting Small Business Saturday and delivering free promotional material for us to use, and by posting job openings for us on Facebook.

     Twice in the past year she has come around and taped me and other business owners in short promotional videos which she posts online.  Also, over the past couple years she has taped, edited, and posted several nice videos of my mother, Liz Begalka, talking about various topics and types of plants from our family greenhouse business. These have been very well received by viewers! Thanks to DADi for promoting Sodak Gardens and rest of the great things we have in Deuel County.


Prior Testimonials for DADi~~

 ~~Kathy Tyler, Former SD House of Representatives

Her passion for her job and the welfare of her community is evident in her whole demeanor--her eyes sparkle with excitement when talking about her community, and her personality exudes confidence and energy. Her dedication to her job and community shows in everything she does.  Her communication skills are exemplified in her newsletter, webpage, and on Facebook.  She is a perfect voice for her community and its assets. Part of her job is to help entrepreneurs; she does that job amazingly well.  She wants people to succeed and goes over and above to help them do such.  The programs she has started and the changes she made to her office have benefited so many.  Joan cares; she sees what needs to be done and does it.  She is one of those people one wants in his/her community, and the Clear Lake area is very lucky to have her


~~Day of the Dead Foods, LLC
    Jenilee Schleusner, Owner

Living in a small community in South Dakota, you have to think outside the box to find solutions to what may be common problems when starting a business. For me, the problem was finding a commercial kitchen to rent when starting my fresh salsa business. There are not a lot of options for this in our area, so when I heard about the DADi program, I reached out immediately to see if I could be a part of it. From my first phone call, Joan gave me very clear directions on what I needed to do to become a chef in the Toronto kitchen. The process was quick, efficient and supportive. Once my application was approved, I was able to work in the kitchen and start making my dream come true! I encourage anyone who is interested or has questions to reach out and speak to Joan to see what the DADi program can do for you.

~~~From JEM Website Design


      Jayme Gross, Proprietor

"Deuel Area Development (DADi) was a key resource in the development and launching JEM Website Design.

As a small business owner there are there are multiple skills and extensive requirements for launching a new business.  DADi was there step by step to assist us whenever we need help.  Joan Sacrison at DADi has provided extensive help in development our business.  From business plan development to sourcing development grants, to landing potential clients, DADi has been there.

Joan and DADi has developed a large network of contacts to assist the entrepreneur.  I would encourage any person looking to start a business to contact DADi.

~~R & R Landscape Design


      Rebecca Roob, Proprietor

When I launched my business in the spring of 2013, advertising was a necessity but a costly gamble.  Where would I get the most bang for my buck, so to speak.  I met with Joan at DADi and she confirmed my feelings on a web site.  It would be a perfect place to showcase my business with a wider reach than traditional advertising.  DADi put me in touch with JEM Web Design, who did an outstanding job, and DADi even helped offset some of the cost.  I am very grateful to have an asset like DADi on my side.  Anyone thinking of starting a business should certainly meet with DADi and see how they can help launch your own dream!!

~~Deuel County Resident

"My wife and I have been working with Deuel Area Development since 2010 to develop our new business...  Deuel Area Development has provided the assistance we need to develop the business, financial, and marketing plans we need to make our business succeed.  We plan to continue to work with Deuel Area Development in the coming years for assistance with finance and marketing.  By working together, we should be able to start our new business and create 2 full-time and 1 part-time job.

~~Deuel County business owners

"Deuel Area Development's Business Coach and Area Resource team members have assisted me in my business transition plan.  They have worked with me to help establish a transition plan, worked with potential candidates, and worked with state programs to assist with my business transition.  In the coming year, I plan to continue working with the Business Coach and Area Resource Team throughout the transition.  With their help we will be able to provide continued employment for all of our employees."