Trouble is Coming...Our Economy is Changing

Monday, February 11, 2019

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Trouble is Coming…Our Economy is Changing


When Deuel Area Development had a previous grant, we were able to help businesses create websites and that became a goal of DADi’s.  It’s still a goal, yet the grant funds are not available, but with the growing number of make-your-own websites, it’s a must that one way or the other it gets done, and DADi can help.


Through DADi’s membership with Dakota Resources Learning Network with other rural communities, we are given a great deal of resource and able to network to further advance our county’s economic development in whatever forms that takes in our communities. When the 2007 assessment was done with the citizen’s and county communities, commitments were made to support a county-wide initiative to support DADi financially.  From the memberships of businesses, individuals, organizations, towns and government entities that we are able to keep moving ahead and to discover the ways in which to move forward.


I try to pass on information that I’ve learned in a variety of ways.  In Fargo, ND (yes, it’s considerably larger than Clear Lake) Greg Tehven a leader who has gathered a crowd and starting doing things unconventionally, says “Conventional Economic Development is Dead Wrong.” He can be found under YouTube Ted X Talks.  He says,


“Trouble is coming. Read any newspaper or go to any shopping center. Our economy is changing. Small communities have a huge challenge ahead. The top 30 cities in the world are growing faster than ever before and that means our small communities are struggling and they need to find new ways to reinvent themselves.  Conventional and traditional economic development is dead wrong. The idea of recruiting one business from one island to another, from one community to another is not working. Financial incentives, focusing on natural resources where we convince folk to move to our communities or grow, is fundamentally NOT working.” 


Greg talks about our businesses needing to join in on the websites and doing business in a different way and, sell products online.  I was naïve to think that we could combat the Amazon’s of the world if small businesses just banded together.  I don’t jump easy when encountering a new speaker that speaks up.  I don’t change my mind readily; I tend to just tweak what I already know around the new information that might be helpful. But on this I’m beginning to think our county and city councils need to jump on the bandwagon and help or at least think about technology and business and what it means for our communities.  If you want the direct link to Greg Tehven, to hear about the future and what others are doing to be proactive, contact DADi at  Also, DADi will help you construct a website that is affordable and can help you with Facebook and social media for your business.  Businesses and our small rural economies cannot sit still and react later, we need to act now. 


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