Deuel Area Development and Sustainability

Monday, February 25, 2019

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­February 26, 2019


Deuel Area Development and Sustainability


Being the director of DADi, I’m constantly learning new things.  I’m grateful after having been in economic development these 8 years, and a previous three years as a community coordinator that I have colleagues and peers in the same business that are a great resource for me.  Grow South Dakota in Sisseton, SD has a regional roundtable of economic development directors that meets quarterly.


It is at this roundtable of directors and professionals of regional entities that come together to hear what other communities are doing.  There is a commitment that runs deep when it comes to working together and apart, and working for rural South Dakota.  There is a very strong commitment on the part of directors to work for the betterment of their county and communities.


One of the things I’ve learned is patience, Economic Development is a marathon, not a sprint.  Ideas come quickly but implementation takes time, but it goes with the territory.  There are systems, approval processes, financing hoops and committee of negativity that sometimes block us from a project , not to mention funding that is required for many projects. Each step one takes, albeit small and slow, is leading us closer and closer to the goals.  In the roundtable with other peers, I learn a great deal and build support for the patience it requires.  But it’s so necessary as we work to sustain growth and a quality of life in Deuel County.  If you’d like to see the Strategic Plan for DADi, you can view it on the website under “About Us” and “DADi’s Timeline”.


Recently DADi sent out their request for membership for 2019.  Businesses of all sizes, individuals, farm/ranch, and organizations, are being asked to become a yearly member in the DADi organization.  Economic development and Deuel County’s future rests with its’ communities and members.  These funds will continue to be used to aid business development, Entrepreneurial Coaching, networking and helping development in all of its’ forms.  Sustainability and keeping our economy growing and our county sectors thriving and the future continuing is of utmost importance. Seven active board members oversee the work with myself as director. At the end of the day, we all want vibrant, thriving communities with opportunities for all. DADi works to make this happen.  Will you join today?

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