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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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August 19, 2019


This letter came across my desk recently along with a conversation.  I decided to share it in my article.  I felt it had merit and created great food for thought by this individual who obviously thought a great deal about the Clear Lake community.


From the Outside Looking in….


“As I have been spending more and more time in Clear Lake and Deuel County, I have noticed many things citizen’s probably take for granted, do not notice anymore, or just do not care about.


First thing I notice is Clear Lake, YOU have a main street! And a relatively big one at that.  Most towns are down to 2 or 3 buildings in ‘okay’ condition and there are multiple buildings, and quite a few with lots of potential—my advice, talk to the owners and make a plan.


Second thing I noticed is you have green space.  You have a playground, a park, a pool and lots of opportunities for more green space. Perhaps creating a garden behind the nursing home for residents and community to enjoy.


Some of the things I feel that are not noticed or maybe are not cared about is ‘curb appeal’. You have all these things going for your small town but not many take pride in the outsides of their business – be it paint, flowers, parking lot, or weeds.  Take the initiative to work with other main street “building/business owners” and create a beautiful main street.  First impressions people!


As a whole county – work together and promote each other.  Each town has something unique to offer.  You all have something to offer; supper in Toronto, bowling and shopping in Clear Lake, camping in Gary, plus so much more if you promote each other’s strengths.


Deuel County, you have everything everyone needs right here in one county – support each other and stay “Deuel County Strong!” ”

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