Updates and Projects from DADi

Monday, September 16, 2019

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Updates and Projects from DADi


There is a great deal going on with Deuel Area Development: 


  • The Zero-Step Spec Home is nearing completion at the Wildlife Estates. It is for sale and ideal especially for a retirement home.  The idea of the spec home was built around a “twin-home concept”.  Because of many details that involve twin homes; neighbors, sound proof walls, and more, DADi made the decision to go with a double car garage and make it a single unit, and ADA compliant. A new sign has erected to reflect there are still 13 lots available for sale.  Remember that ALL the infrastructure has been completed.
  • DASH, Inc. (Deubrook After School Hours) is a new non-profit umbrella’d under DADi for fundraising purposes. This group is beginning a daycare along with afterschool hours in Toronto, SD.  (DC 4-H is also umbrella’d under DADi for these purposes.)
  • DC Transit Committee is a new committee that is targeting ‘transit’ needs in our county. A survey is being created and will come out soon to address the needs of the public. This is designed to help discover citizen’s needs for rideshares, bussing, and other needs.
  • Healthy Hometown is an initiative by Wellmark to determine if and how far our citizens want to take Wellmark’s initiative. “Healthy” takes on all types of connotations for a community.  The meeting will be at 5:15pm, October 2nd at the Sanford CL hospital.
  • Clear Lake Area Community Garden returned renter’s fees due to the wet spring and summer we have had.  Gardeners are asked to clean up their spots this Fall.
  • Retailers – Shop Small Saturday by American Express will be November 2nd this year.  Interested retailers are invited to call DADi.
  • Entrepreneurs – DADi has visited with 9 entrepreneurs since January on various business ideas, business plans and helped connect with outside resources. Since DADi began, Entrepreneurship was the focus to help people get started.  Remember if you have an idea, please contact DADi. Deuel County is building an E-Ecosystem.
  • Membership in DADi – members are always needed and appreciated to help our county remain pro-active.  It’s important to build capacity and sustainability.  As Pat McGill said, “Cooperate, Collaborate…Or Evaporate”.  Your membership is good for a year from the date you join. If you would like a video of your business and shared on the internet, call DADi.
  • Lunch ‘n Learn’s - these will be happening again this fall and into the winter.  These are designed to unite all business owners, managers and concerned citizens in the county to hear local and outside speakers. Luke Faulstick from SD Partner’s will be the kick-off speaker. Daryl Feilmeier will also share speak on DCFU Oil.  Both will share on their company’s programs and happenings. Cost for lunch will be $5.00 at the door. So be watching for more information.
  • Deuel Community Kitchen (kitchen incubator to grow a buinsess from a recipe) is in a transitioning phase. Working with Deubrook’s Superintendent Dr. Kim Kludt and Kitchen Manager Dawn Timmons, new policies and guidelines have been created. So far approximately 10 “chefs” have used the kitchen over the past 6 years. Currently there are no chefs using it and we hope that changes and we build capacity and community awareness again.
  • DADi’s Board Meeting  - 7am at the 4-H Office Bldg on Thursday, September 19.  Anyone, especially members are invited to attend. DADi meets monthly.

Remember the DADi website ~ www.deuelarea.com ~ for listing your event, real estate, and job availability.  DADi also will list events and more on their social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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