So Many Moving Parts in Economic Development

Thursday, October 10, 2019

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So Many Moving Parts in Economic Development


So much of what I do as director of DADi, is behind the scenes.  I do my best in working part-time to keep the public and my board advised of what we are working on.  A big thank you to Renae Engelkes who really fills the gaps in my office for doing work that allows me to keep moving forward.  If I haven’t public acknowledged Jane Evenson with a thank you, it’s past due.  Jane did the finances for DADi until this past winter when we went to a Quickbooks system necessary to get funding for our new spec-house.


What DADi is working on, as of late, is a Transit Survey that came out of a few local meetings held this summer by the Community Transit Inc. of Watertown and Sisseton.  Several individuals showed great interest and shared what the future might hold for our county when it comes to transportation.  The survey is in this weeks copy of the Courier and it is online.  There will be a few physical forms for those not on the internet; but going online is best.  Please take the survey if you can.  Be watching for more ways to locate it.


The Wellmark Healthy Hometown Initiative was held this past week.  There was a great turn out of people that want to see us collaborating and working towards improvements to make Clear Lake viable in green spaces, safety, friendly locations, healthy walking spaces and more.  Catching a vision of what can be was made possible by the presentation by Wellmark’s Angie Brown.  For the time being Clear Lake is the target but other small communities within Deuel County are welcome to attend to find out more about what they can do. Many people came to the table to begin this initiative. That is a requirement to assist the community health improvement journey.


The next meeting for the Healthy Hometown will be choosing the areas of improvement that citizens desire.  A walking audit of Clear Lake will done this coming spring. The public is invited to attend this next meeting.  It will be held Tuesday, November 5th at the new HD- Electric Cooperative in Clear Lake.  The time begins at 5:30pm – 8pm and a light dinner will be served. You do not want to miss this meeting; if there is something you feel strongly about wanted to see incorporated in the future of the CL community.  Call Joan if you plan on attending, but it is not required.  Tell others as well about this opportunity.


Lunch ‘n Learn for this fall will be at HD Electric Co-op on Thursday, October 24th at 11:30 pm.  Eating will take place then and you will need to RSVP by Wednesday, October 23rd.  A $5.00 charge for lunch will be taken at the door.  The meeting will begin at 12 -1pm.  The purpose of Lunch ‘n Learn to learn about businesses in our county, their progress and the future.  It is also to bring the business community together on occasion.  The public is welcome and especially business owners, managers, and employees.  Luke Faulstick from SD Partners, Inc. will be speaking as well as Daryl Feilmeier on new happenings with DC Farmer’s Union, and Amber Peterreins will share about her new business Prudential – Meadowland Financial Group.  Invite others to join you.

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