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Thursday, January 09, 2020

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December 3, 2019



Wellmark Healthy Hometown Master Plan for Clear Lake


Next Meeting: Friday, December 13th, Sanford Conference Room, 11:30am-1:00pm, with lunch included.


Vision:  Clear Lake is an attractive community that celebrates the outdoors and healthy behaviors where individuals can safety be physically active and socially connected.


This Fall, those individuals that were interested, Sanford representatives and DADi, gathered 3 times to determine a master plan of strategies and techniques that help makes the future for healthy choices for walking, riding bike, safety, gathering places, gardening, volunteering opportunities, concessions and more.  At no cost, Wellmark comes and works with our volunteers.  Come springtime, a group of volunteers will work with Wellmark’s experts and do a walking audit of the downtown, city streets, sidewalks and more to identify and help make positive and lasting changes that enhance well-being in our community.


This initiative…

  • Is NOT encouraging citizens to head to a gym, it’s working on active and safe transportation and for walking/biking.
  • Is NOT telling people what they should or shouldn’t eat, it’s not a diet; it’s ensuring healthy options and making them available.
  • It is about connecting individuals with volunteer opportunities and providing places for people to gather to enhance social interactions.
  • And more…


Right now there are approximately 15-20 communities just across SD that are participating in this program. We need community involvement to pull off this initiative. This involves a team of individuals to work the plan. 


Some ideas that are in the Master Plan is 1) healthy concessions, 2) implement vegetable gleaning program, 3) increase water access 4) promote the teaching of fruit and veggie demos at grocery store, 5) conduct a walk audit workshop, 6) establish a community arts program. 


Future Tactics could include implementing complete streets:

  1. Safety issues, 2) crosswalks, 3) traffic calming, 4) use of bikes more 5) bike lanes, 6) bike parking, 7) transportation options to work and social, 8) expand the SACH program to adults, 9) establish nicotine free policy in public places where children are present.


We need volunteers to join with and help. The work is not strenuous, it’s doable and proactive for our community in working to thrive for the future.  YOU are invited to our next meeting, FRIDAY DECEMBER 13th, at 11:30am – 1:00pm at Sanford’s Conference room in the hospital. Lunch will be provided, so please attend and let’s move ahead on the “doing” or implementation of the process.


Future plans:  DADi is also looking at having a workshop for grant writing.  This will be affordable in helping organizations to research and write grants.  Be watching for more information or contact DADi at 605.874.8038 to get on the contact list. 


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