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Monday, January 20, 2020

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Wellmark’s Healthy Hometown Initiative


Meetings have been held since last summer at the Sanford Clear Lake Conference room with DADi as the organizing agent, but the volunteers are implementing the tactics.  This group is compiled of 10-15 people who have joined the mission. 


Their Vision Statement is:

 “Clear Lake is an attractive community that celebrates the outdoors and healthy behaviors where individuals can safely be physically active and socially connected.”




Tactics include implementation of

< >Healthy Concession OptionsVegetable gleaning in summer month to share with publicIncrease Water Access for children & adultsPromoting cooking demos and instructionEnhancing programs with the Community GardenEstablishing community and arts programs and eventsConduct a walking audit of Clear Lake 


In the future:

Future projects in the line up with enough volunteers

could include safety issues in town: crosswalks | traffic calming

| more biking | bike lanes-trails-path| transportation options

| nicotine free areas | green spaces | sidewalks | Streets | walkability

| community recreation | and more.


Volunteers are needed and if you cannot make the meetings that have been held at noon on Fridays every other month, people can still get on a sub-committee.  Do not let the meeting times prevent you from becoming a part.  The more that share the vision and have ideas to add, makes the initiative more successful.  If you want to be on the email list and kept informed please call Joan at the DADi Office, 874-8038.


Grant Writing Class for Beginners


DADi will be hosting a grant writing class for organizations, individuals, corps, and chambers/community clubs on Thursday March 5, 2020 from 12:15 to 4:15. The class is open to the area and public and will be held at HD Electric.  Cost will be $25 and you need to pre-register with Joan at DADi, 874-8038.


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