DADi's Update for Deuel County

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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Deuel Area Development, Inc.

July 16, 2019


DADi’s Update for Deuel County


As director there are always 101 things I could write about in space.  When I took over this position, the direction for DADi was determined on two grants:  E-Coaching, Office setup, Website development, Incubators –kitchen and business, Office Location, Community Awareness, and helping give some local business grants.  Originally the DC Community Foundation was part of the group/assessment along with DADi and they broke into two entities. Then with the merger of DADi and ECDC, land came with it and it seemed like the next step and most viable thing would be development.  Wildlife Estates and the infrastructure came out of that development effort.  The infrastructure for 16 lots was completed and are for sale.  We are now down to 13 lots that are still for sale at various prices.  One of the three sold with go with the current Spec Home being built by Harmon Construction, with the help of the Clear Lake Building Center as they have worked on the design, plans and more.  The whole idea which DADi has held true to, is that local jobs would come from the infrastructure development and now the building of the home.


The Spec Home was designed like a “Twin Home Concept” but was decided we would do a single unit home.  It is on slab, and “zero steps” and is ideal for a starter home or for a single person, or couple that wishes to downsize.  Rob Harmon is known for his craftsmanship when it comes to building and the two seemed to go hand in hand.  The home should be finished at the beginning of Fall, but those interested parties can get in now and have a say in the any upgrades they wish.  DADi is looking for interested buyers.  DADi makes no profit.


After all the rain this summer, DADi had 5 lots rented this summer in the Community Garden. DADi has taken their program on the road and will glad do a presentation for your group, your township board or city government.  Collaboration as we move into the future in our rural communities is a big deal.  Communities do not flourish unless there are teams working hard to take us into the future.  One of those right now is the “Do It For Deuel” team that is working for this new Deuel School plan.  As I wrote in the Letter to the Editor” this past month, “Successful communities have always been willing to invest in themselves. These are communities that learn to invest smartly in those things that will ensure future development and competitive advantage,” ~~The RUPRI Center. Besides that, we need to recognize the benefit in this as we look to our youth’s future and advancement.  The 4-H Shooting Sports has a new building that will work into their winter schedule for their teams.  This past year an exploratory committee worked dedicatedly hard to finding a solution that worked for all involved, especially the youth.


DADi meets monthly with seven board members, 1 Clear City official and 1 County Commissioner. It is at these meetings that future projects are discussed.  One project coming up that is DADi teaming with is Sanford Clear Lake for Wellmark’s “Healthy Hometown” which will be setting up a large group meeting towards the end of August.  A small group met with Wellmark about the project and because it touches on youth, new residents, seniors, roads, housing and other projects this seems to be a great collaboration project for all towns (you can glean from this for your community).  We will be focusing on this for the Spring through Fall of 2020.


It’s never a dull moment in the office of Deuel Area Development.  And yes we help businesses too.  We are always helping entrepreneurs get started or help them with their vision. We find them the resources to help towards their dream and hope to continue to work on the Entrepreneur Ecosystem that we’ve started.  Retention, Expansion and Transition are also a part of the office to assist businesses in the county.  We cannot do it without our members; they all aid and support to help keep Deuel County moving forward.  “Rural Livability” is a big part of this.  If we stop, we die. For that we work together in collaboration.

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