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Thursday, March 19, 2020

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Just last week DADi sponsored a class on Grant Writing.  I was excited to see that we had several sign up for it.  I try to keep the classes, and or events that DADi sponsors, as affordable and therefore does not make a great deal of money other than to pay for the instructor or speaker.  In essence it’s the members of DADi that support our initiatives and therefore make it possible for all the programs that we have.  Our membership letters did just go out and we are seeking again membership into DADi for 2020.  The pledge is from $50 on up to $1000 or higher.  Without the memberships supporting the programs, we would be left high and dry as it’s up to us for sustainability. 


In this class we had 15 signed up, but there were a few cancellations at the last minute.  The instructor from Out Source Projects, Inc., Kathy Haugen, presented a beginner class that had attendees locally, and as far away as Gettysburg, Sisseton, and Howard. 


Because of my work with rural and small sustainability, I have come to this humble opinion when I decided to host a grant writing class

For. Our. Communities. To. Thrive.—our ORGANIZATIONS need to be successful in their mission. That means not just our businesses but organizations too.


Our federal/state/city governments cannot sustain us financially. Fundraisers overwhelm us; not to mention our community members and businesses— they’re asked “nonstop” for financial giving.


My goal, in my quest to help our communities thrive in rural, is for our organizations to find sustainability through possible grants. Understand too I’m NOT an expert by any means, and I’m not real experienced myself. But I’m working at it and it’s my goal in 2020 to be my focus. 


Communities and organizations need to begin someplace. We need to learn and discover how to go about it. Out Source Projects, Inc. gave a basic glimpse into starting the process; types of grants, researching, format, the narrative and more. I call it basically for the ‘layperson’ — making it understandable and approachable. And affordable. I’d encourage our communities & organizations to get to it. It’s work, it’s not easy, but organizations can do it and need to do it.


April 25th Deuel Area Development is excited to be hosting A Gardening Workshop with Coteau Prairie Master Gardener’s program out of Watertown with Intern’s Dean Trautman and Ramona Lundberg.  The class will be held that Saturday morning at the 4-H Service Building from 9:00 – 12:00 pm.  You’ll have your Vegetables and another session on Flowers (Perennials & Annuals) as well as container gardens. Or attend both.  Be watching for more information and topics.  Clear Lake Area Community Garden will also have spaces to rent again this year.  Lots are 10 x10 or 10 X 20.  That information too will be coming out soon.


As a business owner or dealing with finances, would you like a workshop on business training?  Small Business Development Center (SBDC) would hold a local class with agenda to include: cash vs. accrual, financial statements (Income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements), break-even analysis, cash flow concepts, financial ratios.

Contact DADi if this is a class you would be interested in. 874.8038.

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