Do We Have Friendly, Welcoming Communities in Deuel County?

Thursday, June 18, 2020

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Letter from the DADi Director:

Deuel Area Development, Inc.

June 16, 2020


Do We Have Friendly, Welcoming Communities in Deuel County?


In light of all the events happening around the world and on our own USA soil, we need to recognize the messages and problems out there.  As a community(ies) in Deuel County, we need to remain relevant.  We are communities, states, counties needing to adapt to a radically changing world; whether we like it or not. 


Without getting into politics; are we ready for this change?  Already there is discussion about people moving out of Minnesota and also larger cities and starting seriously to think of other alternatives.  We are definitely an alternative here and in other rural areas in South Dakota. Come to South Dakota.  This is economic development.


I recently attended a Webinar through Dakota Resources on The Vinegar Man, Lawrence Diggs, who wanted to know more about vinegar, came from San Francisco and bought a home in Roslyn, SD and became one of the world’s best sources for vinegar information.  They have the International Vinegar Museum in Roslyn, SD, long before he moved there; perhaps you’ve been?  Lawrence is a global expert now and wants to transform Roslyn into the Vinegar Capital of the World. Lawrence loves Roslyn and made the change pretty easily to living rural and appreciating all the attributes to their community.


I’ve shared before here that in order for our communities, in which we live, to do more than survive, we need to be welcoming and need to evolve with the changing times.  Already in a comment on a Facebook page it was commented that; do we want more people moving in?  Yes we do.  Simply put.  Concern was about getting too big and opening the doors to more problems.  Change is not easy and growth doesn’t come quickly.  But we need to be open to it and welcoming. We have businesses in town, restaurants, sporting events, fundraisers, and target industries.  We need workforce to keep them operating, attending, and more for the tax base. Just recently DADi has been trying to help our motel in town, under new management, find employees; as well as other businesses in the county.  Deuel County is helping entrepreneurs. We have low crime.  We have housing, and opportunities, and jobs if you’re willing to work.  We have great school systems.  We have social events and organizations to be a part of.  The list goes on.


New individuals moving in, new families bring with them new leaders, new participants, new ideas and new possibilities, along with the past ideas and leaders as we work together; there is room for all.  As Director of DADi, I have lived in 8 different communities since becoming an adult.  I have loved the experiences given me with each community in which we’ve lived.


We have a “new normal” now, it’s evolving.  Let’s collaborate.  Let’s invite others to join us.  Let’s invite others to church, to events, and social activities.  Let’s keep others informed.  Most of all let’s be welcoming and open for whomever finds their way into our midst that wants to live here regardless of their color of skin.



Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce City-Wide Rummage Sales will be June 25, 26, & 27.  Again there will be a List of the sales that can be found at DCFU – Cenex C Store, The Cowboy Convenience Store, City of Clear Lake, and Maynards.  Also you’ll be able to find the list on in the “resource library”.  These lists will be available and posted next Tuesday, June 23rd.   People can still get their listings in until Friday at Noon, June 19.


Communication has also begun on a transit for our county.  There is a steering committee that has been formed and they are meeting to discuss possibilities.


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