These Times; They are'a Chang'in

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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Deuel Area Development, Inc.

May 19, 2020

These Times; They Are'a Chang'in

It’s interesting to work under CoVid-19 as we continue to move ahead on a variety of things.  A couple projects that are on the back burner is Wellmark Healthy Hometown.  We were due for a walking audit of Clear Lake.  Our group for this initiative started out quite large but it has dwindled some. We hope for a resurgence in time as we continue to work together towards bettering the community via green spaces, taking our businesses/restaurants outside, healthy and safety issues, and the list is only dictated by the visions of our committee members.  We’ll continue when the time is right.


Another project DADi is partnering with is Sanford Hospital on working with Community Transit of Watertown/Sisseton.  Last year a survey on community transit was conducted, within the county and communities.  Covid-19 has slowed this process down, but their corporation is still working on how to team up with Deuel County to find ways to help our local citizens get to locations when they do not drive themselves, or getting to outside appointments and more.  If you’d be interested in being a part of, please let Joan or Ruth from Sanford know, as we are scheduling a Zoom meeting to pick the project up again.


SDSU Extension Community Vitality “Energize!” Had to reschedule their rural development conference that was to be held in Milbank in May, to October. They have started something new in introducing Zoom meetings for anyone interested (chambers, community clubs, city councils, entrepreneurs, et al.) and other interested parties that have a heart and vision for their rural communities.  These Zoom meetings are short little breaks to talk with others, share ideas, frustrations and get to know others in similar situations and working on solutions.  Currently there are two meeting times, 1 day time and 1 in the evenings to reach a cross section of participants.  You’re invited to participate as there is no charge to participate.  Call DADi at 874.8038.


Now that Spring is here, it’s a reminder that Wildlife Estates has 13 lots for sale.  Size of the lots and prices are under Real Estate on the DADi website.  The newly finished Zero-Step single unit “Twin Home” Concept home is for sale after having been completed in November of last year. Call DADi, 605.874.8038, if you’d like a tour of the home or have any questions.


With a new manager at the America Value Inn & Suites, Mary, the motel has been very busy.  Keeping Clear Lake’s motel operating in this CoVid time has been difficult, but with the help of construction, traveling nurses, and other travelers, the motel is doing well. The pool as well is up and running.  DADi was able to get out and take some videos of businesses dealing with the CoVid changes.


Start-up businesses are still continuing to call DADi, as well as businesses that wish to expand. Business plans are advised if the business especially is looking to a loaning agent to get started.  In Deuel County there are a couple revolving loan funds as well as other ways to help find addition funding. 


DADi wants also to wish the new ’20 graduates well in their future plans.  Gifting them with a virtual mailbox is a thought to remind them whether they are in Deuel or Deubrook School Districts that we encourage graduates to go out into the world, get their education, make their dreams come true or to remain at home.  We will always be here for you to return home; whether to work or raise a family, or live and work elsewhere and to get involved in leadership roles.  Our communities need you; our youth are tomorrow. Being a mentor these past couple of years in Deuel School, so many young people want to stay here, or come back eventually.  We wish you all well and remind you that you do not need to move away to prove successful. 

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