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Thursday, November 19, 2020

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With Covid-19, DADi is maintaining as best we can as we deal with ongoing projects that have been a part of our program this year.  Transportation has been one of them. We had to begin some place, so we began transit with twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, for health-related issues with those using the transit.  The problem we are seeing with this system is someone needs to be in charge of helping those that need the transit system, to help schedule their appointments.  Scheduling the transit is not the problem, the problem comes in helping those needing to use it.  Some communities have their own bus along with paying all the costs that are involved in that. Some small communities I’ve discovered work through a different transit system and they provide a bus/van for the community. Unfortunately, ours is in a different region and does not operate that way.  Thanks to the First Impressions Tour where I toured 5 other communities, I was able to learn that other communities have options that we do not. I’m looking into it and will see if we can find better options.  I do want to say however, that people can still take the Watertown/Sisseton Transit to and from Watertown, there is no cost to Medicaid people that need transportation to their medical appointments.  Others that would use it, there needs to be more sharing the cost of the trip.  We definitely have kinks to iron out and a better way of handling this. You can call 605-882-5287 to find out more.


Small Business Saturday will be here before you know it.  Remembering to shop local is important every day of the week, but November 28th is the day set aside to remember and to shop small by American Express.  In the past, local stores have displayed the marketing for Small Business Saturday.  Deuel Area Development is part of their community gathering in promoting this so items will be going out again to retailers.  Cookies were provided last year to a few of the businesses, but this year because of Covid they will not be.  But that shouldn’t stop the shoppers.  Remember too that many of stores are on Facebook and/or have a website and are just a phone call away.  I would suggest too that if you’re looking for that perfect gift do not forget to be creative and consider giving a Courier Newspaper subscription, restaurant certificates, a dog grooming certificate, a gas card, Clear Lake Fun Bucks, and more…just get creative!


Buffalo Ridge Resort & Business Centre has a new owner! I am excited for that to take place for our county and for Gary, SD.  Mr. Venkatesan is anxious to get up and going and has some great plans for the future.  Getting started or keeping businesses going is not an easy task sometimes, especially on the backroads.  As citizens it’s imperative to support to help our businesses sustain themselves.  Be watching for more information about Buffalo Ridge.


I will close here my thoughts on workforce.  I remember once at a meeting I was at a gentleman spoke up to me and said what we need here is a business that employs like 300 people! He wanted me to get that done.  In a perfect world, that would be great.  Where do we get the workforce?  Already I have been helping some smaller businesses find employees.  If businesses do not find those wanting or willing to work, businesses cannot open or stay open.  It’s as simple as that.  It can bring a business and an economy down quickly.  Call DADi if you’re looking for work and we can possibly help you.  The Courier too has jobs available in their classified section.

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