Giving and Progressing Go Hand in Hand

Monday, October 19, 2020

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Giving and Progressing Go Hand in Hand


Changes will be forthcoming as we move into 2021.  With Covid, no one knows that is in store for small businesses and communities. Also, with a possible change of guard for our national administration, that too could change our forecast for the future.  With Economic Development if you have any kind of finger on the pulse it’s important to standout or Perish!  Our future is determined on how well we grasp just that: the future.  With technology changes and the internet not waiting we have to learn how to compete and grow our county and our businesses.


The Governor’s Office of Economic Development said back this summer that already 70 businesses at that time were moving out of Minnesota and inquired about moving into South Dakota.  The representatives for GOED are quickly moving to accommodate those businesses in locations that best suits them. 


Are our communities ready for change?  Are we ready for new businesses and new people to move into our communities?  What makes us unforgettable?  Do we even strive for that when we welcome new people into our midst?  Are we playing “follow the leader” or are we the “leaders”?  Kodak is wiggling its way out of bankruptcy today because they didn’t even follow a leader or became a leader. They turned down the digital camera! Because of that they went bankrupt.


Deuel Area Development is making moves towards the future in Deuel County.  The City of Clear has made a move to increase their commitment to development in the county.  DADi is looking towards other communities and businesses to get behind the effort in 2021, as they look towards changes in the DADi organization.  Organizations, individuals and businesses can join in the march to keep current and working towards the future by giving financial support. 


December 1st is the South Dakota Day of Giving for all registered non-profits. You can go to and support your favorite non-profit, because South Dakota got on the bandwagon a couple years ago to encourage philanthropic giving to help our state progress.  Facebook, around the same time will encourage giving and they will match your giving if done through Facebook.


Don’t forget too that Saturday, November 28th will be Small Business Saturday so stick around and support local; but hopefully you’re doing that anyway on a regular basis.  Our businesses need you; especially during this pandemic of Covid. 

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