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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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From The Courier...October 2015

Wildlife Estates, the development to the east of Clear Lake water becaue part of the city with approval given by the city council October 12. After approving the zoning ordinance for the new city addition, the council convened as the board of adjustment to accept the final plat of Wildlife Estates First Addition to the City of Clear Lake.  Rory Olerud, representing Deuel Area Development, Inc., explained the final layout of the area.  He also siad that tiling in the new area was adjusted to meet the concerns of the adjacent landowner and operators.

Street work will need to be done by the city and the sewer line exptended to the new development.  Asked if there was any cost-share money in the development that could be used, Olerud said the project is 'tapped out for money.  The council then okayed the resolution adopting the plat of Wildlife Estates.

Olerude, who is president of the DADi board of directors, and whose term expires this year, ended his presentation asking the city to continue the efforts and funding of DADi, the former East Centerl Development Company which has merged with DADi.


This new development broke ground on October 13.  The plat calls for 16 lots with a cul-de-sac laid out for twin homes.  Infrastructure is being completed in the next couple weeks.  Curb and gutter and the laying of asphalt for the streets will be finished in the spring.  Deuel Area Development, Inc is seeing their work come to fruition on the project that has been under consideration for over five years. Originally the project of East Central Development Company, the land came with the merging of the two non-profits.  Money for this project remains separate from the DADi funds.

The USDA REDLG (Rural Economic Development Loan Grant ) is a grant/loan that was award this past summer to HD Electric in along with DADi.  The USDA supports projects that involve economic development in local areas and presents the local economy with the possibly of employment and helping a community provide housing for their citizens as well as growth.  This loan/grant was for the amount of $300,000 dollars and will be fully awarded after the completion of the project.  DADi then has 10 years to fully pay it back at 0% with the sales of lots. 

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