DADi is Alive and Well!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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Deuel Area Development is Alive and Well


Word on the street is that Deuel Area Development is closing their doors.

Absolutely NOT.


I want to assure everyone who watches, supports, and promotes growth, change, housing, business and cares about our life in Clear Lake and the county, that DADi is still going strong.  Rumor had it that we were closing our doors and that is NOT the case.


Last summer, in July for the CL City Budget, I presented to the City of Clear Lake that DADi would like to collaborate with them, the County, and our board for the future.  My hopes in letting the city be aware of my future plans a whole year ahead, was that collaboration (that is “working together”) could begin; to get the director that would be right and working for all.  Unfortunately it did not work out that way.  Many communities work with their county entities and their economic development corps by putting together a 5 year, 10 year or 20 year strategic plan for development.  We were on our way to making that happen, however there has been a setback now for the future.  I have to thank the county though because they have had a representative on the DADi board since I began in 2011.  They are aware as to what is happening with DADi and I also am on their agenda often to keep them aware of all that is happening, I do this too with the City of Clear Lake.


Deuel Area Development was a major project back in 2007-2008 when leaders in our county got together and made this happen.  Brianna Fabris, was the first director and thanks to the certain entities, it became a 501(c)3 in 2008. People worked hard to make this happen and to help our communities grow, remain on the map, and work to provide a productive living.  Development doesn’t just happen by talking about it.  It happens because people work together, network and collaborate on goals and what the plan should be.  The State of SD also recognized the need to have communities working together and to provide learning of skills to help that happen.  The Governor’s Office of Ec. Dev. provides representatives, webinars, and other conferences that help towards common goals. East River Co-op through REED and Dakota Resources also provided financial capital for us for housing as we moved ahead.


Housing is the next issue that faces our communities.  Clear Lake is getting a housing assessment done.  The last one was done in 2009.  Other communities in Deuel County could also do this and DADi could help you.  Toronto especially, as many live in Deuel County that want rural and will drive into Brookings or Watertown to work.  I remember Al Heuton, the former Director for Brookings EcDev told us back in 2012 that by 2021 and 2022 they will be needing 8,000 employees in the greater Brookings Area because of Baby Boomers retiring.  What would really be exceptional is if Deuel County would be pro-active.  I also know of retirees that are downsizing and need the next step in their journey for living quarters; either apartments, or twin homes. By providing this, we free up homes for newcomers and others to purchase.  Wouldn’t it be something if we built some new development with “tiny homes”, if that would even be possible.


Deuel County Development needs business memberships to continue the work we are doing.  Individuals, businesses, and entities are supporting our endeavors, and we are grateful for it.  We are alive and well and moving forward into the future.

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