Keeping Ec Dev AFloat

Monday, March 22, 2021

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Keeping Economic Development AFloat


Deuel Area Development, Inc. March 24, 2021


Sometimes people are not clear about what DADi does, our mission.  I’m more than happy to share what happens daily and weekly, so I welcome anyone to call me and check out what is going on with economic development in the county.  At our recent Annual Meeting, I presented to those attending our Ten Year in Review power point.  Hopefully soon, I’ll have it saved to video and I’ll be able to share it with the public.  We are not the DC Community Foundation (DCCF).  They collect funds, like a county savings account and then disperses them to groups that need funding throughout the county.


Right now DADi is looking for a new part-time director.  The new director will take DADi in new directions along with the board of directors.  There are great needs within the county for housing and workforce.  A big concern of mine while I’ve been a director is housing now that Wildlife Estate is off and running.  Seniors, whether young seniors or older seniors are wanting to downsize and stay local.  Many do not care to leave the area and move to a larger community.  Many want to remain close to where they’ve lived for years.  However, housing for those seniors is difficult to find.  Many are on the waiting list for the “City Apartments”, and there are few other choices.  Many do not want to purchase another home because with that comes yardwork and homeowner problems.  If you know of a developer that wants to build some twin-homes, call DADi because we have 4 lots at Wildlife Estates for twin-home development.  As director, I learned a great deal in helping to develop Wildlife Estates.  Had I stayed I believe we would have gone towards meeting other housing needs; Toronto and Brandt both being locations that would warrant new housing for remote workers.

If you’re looking for part-time employment (25 hours) and care a great deal for our local communities, our county and working towards economic and community development; call us for more information or go to  There you will find the Application and the Job Description. Include a resume along with the Application.  You can read there what the position entails; the deadline is April 23.


Lately I seem to have talked to many who have suggestions about local businesses.  How does the consumer get their voice heard?  I do listen and I do take it all in, wishing I could share it in some capacity.  Our businesses obviously rely on customers and it’s a huge deal to cater to them; whether local or those passing through, or come to our area. Always remember to support local.


We also have had some inquiries lately about the Kitchen Incubator in Toronto (Deuel Community Kitchen.)  With a growing number of kitchen incubators in South Dakota, ours have sat quiet.  It’s nice that we did not build a kitchen but collaborate with Deubrook School to use theirs.  It’s been a terrific partnership. If you want to develop a new recipe or have one you want to make and share or sell, give DADi a call at 605.874.8038.  DADi would like to help you in any way possible.


Deuel Area Development still welcomes new members for the 2021 year.  Memberships are still coming in and we welcome other businesses to join.  Our next board meeting will be April 7, Wednesday at the 4-H Building on Hwy 22, at 5:30pm.  The public and members are always welcome to attend. 

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