Moving Forward in Economic Development

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

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Moving Forward in Economic Development

April 27, 2021


Other than sharing the links to the Cares’ Act for Covid to businesses, DADi discovered in talking with businesses and emails that came across to the office, just how much the local people stepped up to help our local businesses and restaurants.  With the wind tower personal in the county, it probably could not have come at a better time.  Employment was possible, as well as people were keeping the restaurants going.  It was amazing really in many aspects and great to hear.  Now it seems, with the pandemic behind us, and the stimulus checks being passed out, workforce is an issue for many of our smaller businesses.  Trying to find employees for our local businesses is tough.  I’m not sure if that is because of the stimulus checks and not needing to work; but there is need for employees for businesses in our communities.  Are you looking for employment?  If you are and do not know where to begin, call DADi at 605.874.8038.  We’ll try to help you, as we have a few businesses looking through us.


Deuel County Community Transit is still trying to get off the ground.  What our committee started last year and the DC Community Transit on August 4th did not work.  We go back to the drawing board this Thursday to try to find a way or a method to make it work.  I was told this winter, many times in Clear Lake, how a transit system is so necessary for our county.  On the other hand, people reminded me when we did have it through ICAP 8-9 years ago, it was discontinued because no one was taking it.  I am not sure that was correct, but times change.  There may be a need now, or a need too for a coordinator to make it work.  We’re trying to find a more regular way to make it work throughout the county and helping those that need it for medical purposes eventually leading to more reasons to use it.


Housing still remains a big issue in our county’s communities.  Bobbie Bohlen, who was once the ED Director in Grant County, now works for HME Management.  We’re tossing around possibly meeting with her and inviting other government entities to join us for an evening viewing all their company is doing in Grant County, Britton, and DeSmet. They deal in real estate and investment and their goal is to initiate the conversation and implement a strategy unique to our communities that will spark growth and uplift citizens. Her passion is to seek out communities that have a passion for growth and are willing to commit to projects for continued growth.


Deuel Area Development has been talking housing development since 2014 when we got the Wildlife Estates off the ground and running and getting some twin homes built and developed there would be great.  But it doesn’t stop there—apartments are needed in our communities so those downsizing, selling their homes, as well as new people moving in because we have more jobs than employees, can find housing.  We are in dire straits to develop housing further.


DADi is working for the county.  We haven’t given up and soon there will be a new director to help develop ideas and plans.  We appreciate the communities, businesses and entities that stand behind our work since 2008. We thank these businesses, entities and individuals that back the work being done:


County of Deuel ~ City of Toronto ~ City of Astoria ~ Agri-Partners, Inc. ~ Buffalo Ridge Resort ~ Deuel County Farmer's Union Oil ~ The Beauty Barn ~ Wiesner Construction ~ Cowboy County Stores ~ DNB National Bank ~ Cliff Viessman, Inc ~ Stee Electric ~ First Bank & Trust ~ Supreme Pork, Inc. ~ Supreme Welding ~ Dakota Farm Mutual Insurance ~ ITC Telecommunications ~ Ultimate Ink ~ Clear Lake Computer Service ~ H-D Electric Coop ~ Brookings Deuel Rural Water ~ Sodak Gardens ~ Gunderson Law Firm ~ Gopher Sign Company~ Fritz Chevrolet ~ Florals & Finds ~ Clear Lake Building Center ~ Sanford Deuel County Memorial Hospital ~ Jem Design Solutions ~ Prudential Financial ~ Roelofsen's Implement ~ Northwestern Energy ~ Pieper Auction ~ Good Samaritan Society ~ Joy Prehn ~ Nancy Hartenhoff-Crooks ~ Kayla Bucknell ~ Deb Lessman ~ Joan Sacrison ~ Land of Lake ~ Clear Lake Courier. (If I’ve missed anyone, my apologies)


DADi’s next board meeting will be Wednesday, May 26th at 5:30 at the 4-H Complex Center. The public is invited as well as members.

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