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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

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As I retire, I look back at the 10 years I have had with DADi.  Two sizable grants guided my work through the first 4 years, and then we turned to housing once the grants were in the holding pattern or better yet maintenance.  Grants totally 149,000 helped get the DADi office started with a brand, mission statement, computers, wall dividers, copiers and more.  Setting up an Entrepreneur office to help individuals get their business off the ground was one of the main pushers behind receiving the grant from USDA Rural Development.  In the second grant, the incubators were the key factor: kitchen incubator and business incubator.  The kitchen incubator took off and was operational by 2013.  The “chefs” were at their max until about 2017 when more kitchen incubators were starting up and ours quieted down.  To my knowledge, there is an individual that drives from Mitchell to use it. 


Once the merger happened with ECDC (the old Clear Lake Development Corp) and DADi, housing became the priority.  Wildlife Estates began with 16 lots for development on land that came with the merger. There is still the portion west of the watertower that DADi is selling now.  All of it was purchased for development.  When Wildlife Estates first started it was 2008-09 and the recession had hit.  Being put on the backburner, the merged boards decided to move again towards development about 2016.  The cost of the lots in 2016 did not appear to be cost-effective at the time, however their price is right in the ball park. From a rough estimate of the taxes generated through W.E. for the City of Clear Lake through an estimated 15 years would be $384,853.89 if they all sold in those fifteen years. For Deuel County it would have been, $158,855.35 through the fifteenth year. The school benefits and the water levy also. Clear Lake collects taxes on newly constructed homes; after four years they collect 100% every year after.  Housing will continue to be a focus for development within the county especially with more and more moving into the area.


As director I have loved this position and enjoyed doing what I could for the communities in Deuel County. I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported DADi and continues to support it. Economic development is imperative for growth and remain vital for the future. I hope more and more continue to build their organizations and individual support, and continue to help the county thrive.


As you will have seen in The Courier this week is the new Executive Director for DADi.  Tammy Krein will take my place beginning June 1st.  Having worked at ICAP the past three years, she will now work part-time for DADi.  Tammy has experience in fundraising and helping new or existing businesses.  She held a position on the Estelline Development Board for over 12 years.  The DADi office will remain in the courthouse after many years of community awareness of where to find the office. As for hours of operation, that will change with the new director.  The office is still open for business assistance, business planning; working for the citizen’s of Deuel County is still the focus.


DADi’s board meeting is May 26th at the 4-H Building on Hwy 22, at 5:30pm.


DADi is also still handling the City-Wide Rummage Sale for the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce.  The rummage sale form to list your rummage sale can be picked up in the DADi office, or on the website at >>>Businesses Resources>>>Resource Library.  The link can be found too under Deuel Area Development on Facebook.  The deadline to have your listing into DADi is June 17th.  It will be posted on the DADi website and physical forms will again be printed through the city and distributed in Clear Lake. 

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