Monday, March 14, 2022

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Growth, what does growth mean to you? For your Community?

Growth means different things to different people. To some community growth is a bustling main street, to others it is a new industry or an increase in population or tax revenue in your town, to others it is parks and events within the community. Well I am glad to say that you are ALL RIGHT!

Deuel Area Development was established in 2009 when they hired their first director. I was evident back then that the county and communities wanted growth. Over the past 13 years if you go to the website you can see everything that we have done to help promote growth within the county.

What you don't see is all of our confidential meetings with people who wanted to start their own business,working on business plans to see if it will cash flow, finding financing for an expansion or new business, or even finding grant opportunities we send out to our cities, schools, fire departments, and other organizations to help improve the quality of life within our communities.

Sometimes we have to start on easy projects, or ones with immediate need, sometimes there is a person or group of people that are pasionate about something and they want to do the work, so we just assist. And other times we take the lead and start a housing development or a spec house.

What I really want you to know is that no one has a bad idea for their own community. What we are here to help do is priortize based on the needs and wants of the community to meet it's goal within the allotted resources at the time of a given project. Growth on all levels is important and we what you to know that GROWTH is our #1 goal for Deuel County

Tammy Krein - Executive Director

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