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De Smet Farm Mutual Insurance Company of South Dakota has a long and consistent history of providing insurance coverage for the people of South Dakota since 1916.

De Smet Farm Mutual was formed by a small group of farmers at a time when the large, well-established insurance companies weren't interested in coming to the prairies of South Dakota to write insurance.

As rural life in South Dakota improved, the appetites of the outside insurance companies increased for South Dakota business and so eventually they came into the state for our insurance business. Since that time, many of those insurance companies have come and gone -- depending on the fortunes of a rural state like South Dakota. However, De Smet Farm Mutual Insurance Company of South Dakota has always been there for South Dakotans -- the Company formed by South Dakotans to serve South Dakota from South Dakota.

With long-term and growing support from the people we serve, De Smet Farm Mutual Insurance Company has realized substantial growth over the years. This financially strong Company features Homeowners, Farmowners and Automobile Insurance as competitively priced policyholder services.

If you are one of our members -- we thank you for your support of this South Dakota organization. If you are not a policyholder -- we invite you to contact one of our agents listed in our web site Agent Directory, or call us at (605) 854-3337.

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