City of Astoria

PO Box 3 • Deuel • Astoria, SD 57213

Welcome to our small town in South East Deuel County. A quiet and quaint little town located next to some great hunting and fishing opportunities. And only 20 minutes from some great job opportunities!

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Astoria came into being in 1900, when the Northwestern railroad built a branch from Tyler, MN, northwest to the Coteau Hills.  The Western Townsite Co., affiliated with the railroad, bought land from farmers - the Hetland brothers and a Mr. Throndsen - and sold lots.  This company had meant to name the new town, Hetland, but when they found there was another Hetland in SD, they named the town Astoria. Probably named after Astoria, Oregon.


The building of the railroad, depot, and other buildings attracted many people. Soon a boarding house, a store, a livery stable and other businesses were started.  The first general store was opend by Jonas Ostroot and L. Langlie of Lake Preston.  The first lumberyard was built in 1900 by the Botsford Co., just west of where the Farmers Elevator now stands.  Margaret Thoemke was the first child born in Astoria. Alfred Froiland was the "livery man" some of the early day caprenters included Haldor Lokken, Arnt & Ole Storry ... grain elevators were built in 1900.  The first blacksmith was S.P. Hanson, and Ole Ronning was the first barber and had his chair in the Froiland Hardware Stores. 


It was not until 1920 that electric lights became general in homes.


The Astoria State Bank was opened in 1902,  with Oliver C. Hauger a former teacher, as cashier.  A little later Ben Solem joined Mr. Hauger at the bank.  The first veterinarian was Robert K. Rasmussen.


The first phone system "central" was installed about the year 1905 in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Gus Halverson & Mrs. Halverson was the first "hello girl".


The first high school superintendent was S.G. Froiland who later served as superintendent at Clear Lake for nearly 35 years.  He was succeeded by E. G. Larson and then Leif Fjellestad.