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"As the saying goes, 'If you fail to plan, then plan to fail'." If you think that making a business plan is a waste of time or work a banker wants from you, nothing could be further from the truth. The primary beneficiary of the business plan is the business itself.


DADI is here to help you.  Here is a list of items we can help you with:

1)  Business Plan - There are many types of business plans, and they can be a bit overwhelming. But the process does not have to be difficult.  All you need to do basically is commit everything you know about your business and industry to paper.  The plan will address common topics: background, description, management, marketing, personal and competition. One of the biggest part of the business plan is 'cashflow'; financial statements, cost of goods, capital needs, sales forecasts and the capital you need to get your business off the ground, We have the resources to help you figure that out. The business owner needs to take the lead in the planning process.  It is your business, after all.

2) Free Business Assistance - Our team of local and regional business experts are eager to help you develop your business. We are committed to helping you find solutions whether you are just starting up, expanding, retaining or transitioning. Areas in which we can help you with our team experts:

  • Financial
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Construction
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service
  • Banking
  • Sales



3) Confidentiality  - We understand your need for confidentiality. And we take it seriously. We will not share your proprietary information.

4) Technical Assistance Grant -  DADi is a non-profit organization that depends on it's membership to continue.  Please note here the businesses and entities that keep DADi operating. DADi does have small funding available called "Technical Assistant Grants (TA's)" that can help. By definition including but not limited to attending a workshop or training session, hiring a facilitator for a board retreat, working with a consultant to develop a strategic plan, having a website built for your business.  The person applying is basically in the process of acquiring new skills and information and is designed to help the entrepreneur learn something new and increase their capacity to lead, manage, and govern their business. In order to receive a TA, criteria needs to be met first.


DADi does not have major funding for businesses and if you are thinking there are grants out there to be had, it's tough.  Many times business start-ups want help with a building or "bricks and mortar' type funding. There are funds available if you are working with a bank on your project.  We have several resources available as long as you are working with a financial institution and these would be used in case your financial institution does not want to carry the load all by themselves. But these are loans, not grants.

Criteria for DADi Business Grants
DADi's Objective is to help businesses promote themselves and to improve their expertise. The business applying must meet the following criteria in order to receive grant funds. Occasionally there are exceptions. The business receiving a grant must be a Deuel County business.

  • A ‘Start-up’ business must have a documented business plan.  Included in this is a direction for the future of their business--marketing, promotion, and financials. 
  • Grants can only aid a business with Technical Assistance monies.  Exceptions need to meet the Board of Directors approval.  (These could possibly be listed as ‘testing’ for a product, hidden cost charges from outside resources, classes necessary to assist business.) 
  • Grants may not be used on equipment, computers, merchandise, advertising, paying rent or purchasing property, or anything to do with ‘bricks and mortar’ needs.  Exceptions to these criteria could be when DADi assists them with an Open House and costs connected to the event. 
  • Applicants are not required to be a member of DADi; but strongly encouraged to join. 
  • DADi and the Board of Directors reserve the right to decide if applicant is following all the criteria, or if there is any question concerning the business.

4) Additional Support

To assist the entrepreneur, through a USDA Rural Enterprise Business Grant, DADi is able to provide The Business Resource Center and the Deuel Community Kitchen. These are designed as Incubators to help the business owner starting out and the Kitchen Chef to begin their recipe.  Please note below the links that will take you to further discover these opportunities that DADi will help you with.

5) Other Links to Assist

City of Clear Lake Commercial Incentives
Business Resource Center - A Business Incubator
Deuel Community Kitchen - A Kitchen Incubator

New Deuel Community Kitchen forms will shared here soon:

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