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Entrepreneurs: Are You One?

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This page is designed for the Entrepreneur that perhaps started their business on the side from their regular job or has it out of their home; they are artisans, crafters, creators, wine makers, and more.  They had an idea and ran with it.


  • “Entrepreneurship is the transformation of an idea into an opportunity.” ~~Babson College (has majors 
                in Entrepreneurship)

  • “E’s perceive new opportunities and create and grow ventures around such opportunities.” ~~Center
                for Rural Entrepreneurship (RUPRI)

  • "Our real problem, then, is not our strength today; it is rather the vital necessity of ation today to
                ensure our strength tomorrow."  ~~Presdient Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1958


What are your thoughts on Entrepreneurialship??  Please contact DADi with an email at and we'll share your idea.

Our website is connected to Prairie Gateway through Grow SD and Northeast South Dakota Economic Corporation in Sisseton which doubles or triples the amount of exposure you can have.

This page is experimenting with ways to aid local area entrepreneurs:  "Start-ups", Home-based business of something you've created, and more.  We are exploring the options and finding creative ways.  We do have a Business Directory on our website for those businesses that are established.  Check it out!  Make sure your business is listed!

Entrepreneurs in Deuel County

New Ideas

Support your Local Economy:

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 A new look at supporting our rural and local economies is taking place!! Words like Co-opetition... Collaboration... are words from the new entrepreneurs!  In the past, people saw business as a “winner takes all” type of game.  Now with our connected economy, we move away from purely competitive ways of doing business to recognizing cooperative relationships between businesses.
Professors Adam Brandenburger and Barry Nalebuff expanded on the concept of co-opetition.  They assert that business is simultaneously both competition and cooperation.  It is a duality in all relationships to create win-win and win-lose interactions.  The success of most businesses is dependent on the success of others, yet they must compete to capture value created in the market and protect their own interests. Co-opetition is a powerful means of identifying new market opportunities and then developing a business strategy.
 So what would happen if local businesses helped to market one another?  Instead of waging war when we are doing business and assuming that businesses cannot win unless somebody else loses, why not think of business as both co-operation and competition? “You have to compete and cooperate at the same time,” said Brandenburger and Nalebuff.

A new online marketing directory website and smart phone "APP" for #smallbusiness and #localbusiness:

For South Dakota and the surrounding states for local business.  Check out this directory for your business.

If local businesses all help to market one another, they will all do better. A fabric store can ask their shoppers if they were ready for a meal or some ice cream, and then mention the restaurant down the road. Or an clothing store in one town could inquire about the their shoppers’ route home and mention another awesome place for clothing on the way.  Insert in place of ‘clothing’ with ‘antiques’, ‘greenhouses’, ‘pottery’ and more.
 This is a new kind of collaborative marketing that is common among wineries, quilting stores and other retailers. It makes since if you have more businesses in a community working together, that the likelihood of pulling traffic off a nearby highway to stop, shop, stay or sip is greater. It’s a new way to think about business and the created value in the market and in local economies.

The number of businesses throughout the state and into Minnesota is growing.  Destination-designed day trips or overnights are a growing phenomena with shoppers finding locally owned businesses; the directory taps into that.  It won’t stop there either, already wineries are listing, as well as Chambers that want to help promote their local businesses. Besides stating the towns in this directory, catagories can be found as the directory grows.  Another page in the directory allows you to find your local store where you can search exactly for what you are looking for.


Let's build local entrepreneurial eco-systems in our rural areas.

What is your vision when you think and live rural?

How do we sustain our lifestyle and quality of life?