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April 02, 2020

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Driving the Passion to Go Local

The Mission


Travel Backroads got its start because of my love for locally owned businesses. It was not until my adult years as an economic developer that I learned just how much locally owned businesses, and their owners, meant to me. My profession helped me begin by helping local businesses and start-ups, and out of this blossomed Travel Backroads.

Selling earthworms for fishing, homemade cinnamon tooth sticks, handmade plastic film flowers, guppies, snails, babysitting, and a hundred rummage sales, got me started as a very young entrepreneur. My father saw my entrepreneurial talent early on, but I did not. As a light bulb slowly came on and I began to get more interested, I would tease, “I live vicariously through other business owners who had the wherewithal to see their dreams through, to fruition.” I never imagined that I would see my passion become a reality.

With my growing passion to help entrepreneurs, I realized that many private businesses, small or large, struggle even more to stay afloat.  These businesses are local “gems.” They are on or off the beaten path, and give color to their local communities. They add to the infrastructure and economy of their communities. As fast as Americans and visitors zoom by on our state and county highways, we miss out on some of Midwest’s choicest businesses, be they eateries, coffee shops, clothing, ammunition, fishing, homemade, quilt, specialty shops and more. Oftentimes, tourists are missing the local flavor of the communities they were passing.


Helping Rural Communities

I knew I had to find a way to alert travelers to these "diamonds in the rough". I needed a way to help the entrepreneurs, but also those communities that struggle and work hard to keep their economies alive, to work together to pull travelers into their area. Trying to pull travelers off the highway to shop at those local businesses and bring dollars into a community would be my objective originally and why I created Travel Backroads. I wanted to find ways to help increase sales and help communities. In the 21st century, *“collaboration” and *“co-opetition” help businesses work together to pull those travelers into their communities.

In blogs, events, business listings and 'their' story, these businesses are beginning to be found. I am excited to list businesses on Travel Backroads. I want to convey my passion for local business, community support and sustainability to others. Through highway maps, cellphone user-friendly, this directory is usable for people on the go and on social media.


Say It Forward

Do you share this passion with me? My hope is to find like-minded individuals and pass the word--“say it forward,” perse. I invite you to get enthused and encourage your favorite businesses to list with Travel Backroads through a one time membership.  You'll be in forever.  My mission in this is because I'm a believer in small and local, and will always promote your business. Give me a call! Unlike many other websites, I would love the opportunity to explain how this works.

Because the main principle behind Travel Backroads is “Co-Opetition”; working together to promote local businesses is a mutual goal. Please check out and share these online domains with others as well as my social media!   (unique ending, not dot com) 
Instragram: TravelBackroads
Twitter: trav_backroads
YouTube: Travel Backroads

Go Small & Go Local,

Joan B. Sacrison



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