Information On Various Wind Farms

The Wind Industry

The Wind industry is well established with multiple wind farms in the southern portion of the county at Buffalo Ridge; this has created various job openings.

Buffalo Ridge II Wind Farm in Brookings and Deuel counties, has 105 turbines. The farm has a generating capacity of 210 MW of wind energy. Developer Iberdrola Renewables provides power to customers served by MISO. The wind farm began operation in December 2010. (This information was taken from the SD Public Utilities Commission 2015.) 


Deuel Harvest Wind Farm

Proposed Community Benefits:  for approximately 50,000 acres of private land near the communities of Clear Lake, Altamont, and Gary on the northern edge of Deuel County,, Deuel Harvest Wind Farm will consist of approximately 120 wind turbines for a total capacity of up to 300 MW. Wind is a long-erm business that beneftsfarmers and landowners in rural areas. Invenergy will provide eassement payments to the landowner before, during and after construction. During operation, Deuel Harvest Wind Farm will contribute about $8 million annually in local payments, including property tax revenue to Deuel County and local townships, lease payments to landowners and local staff salaries. The local communities will benefit during construction as well as over the long run from DHWF's approximately 250 construction jobs, and 15 permanent jobs once the farm is operational. If you have questions, please contact them as they will be glad to answer them.  For more information on their released economic impact, please go here to fine the Impact study on our website:  Impact Study. 


Southern area of Deuel County.