Beginnings of Deuel Area Development, Inc.

DADi's Beginnings and a Continuum Through the Years

  • 2007 - Community Assessment
  • 2008 - Legal Entity
  • 2009 -
    • Hired Full-time Executive Director
    • USDA's Rural Business Enterprise Grant Award to Deuel Area Development
    • Strategic Plan Established
  • 2010 -
    • USDA's Rural Business Enterprise Grant - 2 Awarded to Deuel Area Development
    • First Fundraiser held at Prairie View Golf Course with Dinner following at Buffalo Ridge Resort
    • NESDEC (Grow SD) Grant for E-ship
  • 2011 -
    • Organizational Branding
    • Gary, SD Office Established at Deuel National Bank
    • Former Director Resigns, New Executive Director Hired in August
    • First RBEG Grant completed, Management of 2nd RBEG until Fall of 2013
    • Second Fundraiser Held at Clear Lake Golf Course
  • 2012 -
    • Website Launched
    • Toronto, SD Office Established at First State Bank
    • Business Resource Center created in DADi's Office
  • 2013 -
    • E-Coaching E-Resources, Technical Assistant Grants awarded from RBEG-2
    • Entrepreneurial Focus - Start-ups beginning
    • Deuel Community Kitchen established at Deubrook School in Toronto
    • RBEG-2 Grant ends
  • 2014 -
    • 2014 Capital Campaign Membership Drive
    • 2014 Deuel County Community Survey
    • Future Strategic Planning
  •  2015 -
    • Membership Drive
    • Awarded through HD Electric the USDA REDLG Loan/Grant of $300,000 for Wildlife Estates in Clear Lake.
      • This is a no-interest loan and needs to be paid back in 10 years.  See Real Estate for more information.
    • Broke ground for Wildlife Estates for all the infrastructure for 16 Lots are for Sale
    • Entrepreneur Luncheon
    • Deuel Community Kitchen featured in DakotaFire Magazine.
    • Deuel Community Kitchen featured in Presentation on South Dakota Public Broadcasting.
    • Backroads Dakota Facebook Page began featuring small town business "Gems".
  • 2016
    • Spoke with High School Classes 10th - 12th on Business Plan Development and Entrepreneurship
    • Continuum on Infrastructure for Wildlife Estates
    • Website New Facelift
    • USDA-Rural Development Officials from Washington DC. Tour the Deuel Community Kitchen in Toronto
    • Department of Agriculture Land Analysis for Deuel County for AID or CAFO's.
    • Brochures, Covenant, and packets made for Wildlife Estate Interest
  • 2017
    • First Wildlife Estates lot was purchased and home placed.
    • Deuel Community Kitchen Chef moves her "Day of the Dead Salsa" into 9 stores in Brookings and Sioux Falls.  Included in those are Hy-Vee's. And 3 new Chefs begin.
    • Many opportunities working with JAG students in the high school.
    • Department of Agriculture Land Analysis survey by DADi continues after a few glitches on website into 2018.
    • New business Start-ups
    • Executive Director starts Travel Backroads online directory business to promote all small business in the state and surrounding bordering states.
    • Governor's Office of Economic Development visited 4 businesses in Deuel County.


DADi's Initiatives and Work (click on blue link to see a copy)

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