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Rent Your Plot for the Growing Season


Clear Lake Area Community Garden

After an individual inquired as to whether DADi could come up with a gardening spot for those that do not have space on their property, we were off and running.  Land that came in a merger between DADI and ECDC was located near Wildlife Estates. So a committee was started and we were proud to kick it off in the Spring of 2017.  Located north of the Water Tower in Clear Lake, CLACC got it's started. Land was deeded from DADi to the City of Clear Lake for this purpose. Committee members are Daryl Feilmeier, Dean Trautman and Deb Lessman.


If you're interested in renting a plot, we have the plots for you: 

  • 10 X 20 for $25

  •  20 x 20 for $40


Contact Deuel Area Development, Inc. to rent yours for the season!  Also it's a cool thing to think about if you live in an apartment, perhaps a group of you want to get together and rent one.  This garden was started to give those that live in the city limits, apartment renter, and those that do not have space on their property to begin a garden here, but it's not limited to these.

Please see the CLACG Rules concerning responsibilities.  Also

Contact Deuel Area Development at 605.874.8038 for more information.

  • Thank you to Michelle Gross for contributing the CLACG Logo

  • Thank you to The Conservation Office for tilling the garden spots

  • Thank you to the Clear Lake Volunteer Fire Department for filling up the water recepticles during the summer months.

Also if you are interested but the seeds and the rent is difficult to pay all, contract Audrey Poppen at ICAP for a grant to help make it happen, 605.874.2062.

Clear Lake Area Community Garden Application (Click here)


Clear Lake Area Community Garden Rules (Click here)