You've Got To Love Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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You’ve Got to Love Entrepreneurs


Do you think about entrepreneurs on the back roads? I know for certain there are many travelers that love to take the back road highways and see the ‘gems’ that interest them. There are many individuals with dreams and ideas, and many turn into entrepreneurs.  They want to support their communities as well as get their ideas of the ground.  They believe in their communities and in themselves. 


A small, yet large portion of my job is to help promote small businesses in our rural area and I’m doing the best I can to help them.  Recently there was a “Wanderlust” tour that began by an entrepreneur of The Gift in Ivanhoe, Mn., Ashley Conner thought of the idea and decided to get others on board and promote small businesses with a published tour that took place this past Friday and Saturday.  The idea was for individuals to get together and wander from town to town supporting those businesses participating. You had a chance to win gift certificates the more places you travelled to.  I had the day off, so a friend and I took a portion of the tour.  I was pleased so see so many entrepreneurs in small communities participating and I expect this to grow in the future years. 


Another is the Facebook page call Backroads Dakota; Rural Retail on the Backroads.  It is designed for “fans” of small rural businesses that are off the beaten path to get noticed by a ‘fan’ posting their favorite on this Facebook page therefore giving them attention and hopefully business.  It’s an effort to help bring business from tourists and locals. 


Economic development is a local responsibility.  It rests with citizens of our communities and counties.  The Wanderlust tour is one creative way (much like the Meander in Minnesota) to help these businesses to succeed.  Many individuals and businesses have become members of Deuel Area Development, Inc (DADi) in Deuel County.  DADi is constantly working to support and grow new businesses and help those existing businesses that want to expand, retain or even transition to another owner.  Memberships, even small amounts are available in DADi to keep the work continually progressing. Have you thought about becoming a member, if not, you should.  It rests with the citizens to shop local, buy local and to support our local tax bases to help with infrastructure and more.  Money going out of the counties we live in, do not keep our streets fixed or aid other infrastructure projects.  Our exisiting businesses in our communities strive daily to keep their doors open. They are our entrepreneurs, and others are waiting to start their businesses with their ideas and dreams so you are encouraged to support your local economy.



Contractor’s can hear more about Clear Lake Wildlife Estates on Friday, May 20th at 12 noon with lunch.  RSVP to DADi 605-874-8038.

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