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More Entrepreneurs!

This page is designed for the Entrepreneur that perhaps started their business on the side from their regular job or has it out of their home; they are artisans, crafters, creators, wine makers, and more.  They had an idea and ran with it.

Here are some definitions of an Entrepreneur:

  • “Entrepreneurship is the transformation of an idea into an opportunity.” ~~Babson College (has majors in Entrepreneurship)
  • “E’s perceive new opportunities and create and grow ventures around such opportunities.” ~~Center for Rural Entrepreneurship (RUPRI)

We'd like to post pictures, products, location, prizes (if you'd like), and any information about your history as an Entrepreneur.  Please contact DADi with an email at

Our website is connected to Prairie Gateway through Grow SD which doubles or triples the amount of exposure you can have.  If you're an entrepreneur, any publicity helps doesn't it?  Especially free publicity.

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This page is experimenting with ways to aid local area entrepreneurs:  "Start-ups", Home-based business, and more.  We are exploring the options and finding creative ways.  We do have a Business Directory on our website for those businesses that are established.  Check it out!

Entrepreneurs in Deuel County

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