Real Estate

Located here are various properties for sale in Deuel County.  If you're looking to relocate, live or work remotely from rural, we invite you to check it out.


Perhaps you're interested in selling land, or have a building for sale with Deuel County?  DADi gets contacted often for "Requests for Information" from the Governor's Office of Economic Development, GOED from businesses looking to relocate to South Dakota, or to start a business. If you have land or real estate, please contact DADi. 

We invite you to live in Deuel County!  Live, work and play, or work elsewhere and live here!!  We welcome you.  For information on properties in Deuel County you also can check out the Prime Realty website in Clear Lake for Deuel County or find them on Facebook!

Also check out our latest Wildlife Estates Housing Development on Zillow.