Old Success Stories

Deuel County is a progressive county with much going on.  Start-up Businesses and entrepreneurs are a big part of that!  Check them out here. (Most of these but not all used DADi for assistance in some manner.)

Start-up Businesses and Entrepreneurs

in Deuel County!

Deuel Community Kitchen
(Chefs featured here)


695 Palisades Ave.
Toronto, South Dakota 57268
Contact: Joan B. Sacrison, DADi, 605.874.8038


With DADi and with the assistance of Dakota Rural Action and Deubrook School District the Deuel Community Kitchen will come to fruition. The public was invited to an informational meeting to find out more about what a ‘Kitchen Incubator’ is and how it can pertain to them.

A kitchen incubator committee was established in 2012 consisting of Joan Sacrison, DADi, Robin Nelson, Dakota Rural Action; Kristianna Gehant; Prairie Coteau Farm in Astoria, and Kim James; Foodtopia Farms of Toronto. Relatively a new concept for this area of the country, DADi is blazing a new trail.

Incubators make it financially possible for a start-up food manufacturer to take advantage of available professional kitchen space while they grow their business. This commercial kitchen facility is available to producers and packagers of specialty and gourmet food, caterers, and individual chefs that want to get their special recipe off and running in Deuel County. Those individuals who want to take a special recipe to market or create a food or natural resource business will want to consider the use of this kitchen. This kitchen is for start-ups and existing food processors.

Most start-up food enterprises begin in a home kitchen. But the home kitchen becomes a liability because of special licensing that is required and laws that prevent the home kitchen recipe when it goes to the marketplace. Legally then the start-up food enterprise must manufacture their product from a professional kitchen. This is where the Deuel Community Kitchen comes in. The chefs will be able to offer long or short-term leases at reasonable rates on a flexible time-share basis. Food entrepreneurs become ‘legal’ by working in this certified kitchen space because it in turn can be inspected more easily.

So available to the entrepreneurs are professional standard ovens, refrigerators, mixers, food processors, storage space, worktables, pots and pans, utensils and locked storage space. This professional space will have a list of requirements in using the space, but also guidelines that will need to be followed when using the kitchen. The entrepreneurs enter into an agreement with the facility, DADi and each other. Using a kitchen incubator is a relatively new concept and definitely in a rural setting.

Once a product is ready for marketing, DADi can help with a business plan and making connections with the Small Business Administration. The Business Resource Center in the DADi office has a privacy office and it can be used for making contacts with the use of a computer, fax, copier and phone system. Products will need to be labeled and marketed.

If financing is necessary, then a formal business plan becomes a requirement. Those that want to be taken seriously need to ask themselves some of the following questions: 1) Who are you? What is your product and how is it different than your competitor’s? 2) Who is your client base? 3) Who is your competition and what are they doing? 3) How much does your product cost you to manufacture, package, labor, and then how much can you sell it for? 5) Where do you want to be in 2 years?

The Kitchen is Open!! Contact Deuel Area Development!

ENTREPRENEURIAL "CHEFS" Using the kitchen now:

There's a new Chef in the Kitchen!


Day of the Dead Salsa

Jenilee Schleusner
1 (507) 340-0564

Brookings, SD

Meet Jenilee Schleusner from Brookings SD!  Jenilee heard we provided a kitchen incubator in Deuel County, specifically Toronto, SD and she was ready to go.  She grew up cooking with her grandmother and is totally comfortable in the kitchen.  She has always provided homemade "fresh" Salsa for friends and family and particularly for the ball players that her husband coaches.  It just so happens that Jenilee's husband is an SDSU Football Coach and they've sampled her salsa for a while now and many have wanted more.

Jenilee decided to start a business with her "fresh" Salsa.  So she has gone through the process to be able to make it and sell it, in and outside the area.  She is licensed by the Department of Health which is a requirement of our kitchen incubator and has her Serv-Safe certificate.  Right now she sells her Salsa at "Bozied's" Skelly Gas Station in Brookings SD.  Walk in the door and right to your left is a cooler for local products that Bozied's supports (Way to go Bozied's) and you can purchase one of Jenilee's containers.  That is, if you're lucky enough to find it not empty. Since they are 'fresh',  shelf life is limited and they sell about as fast as she can make them. But don't let that deter you, she's a permanent fixture in the Deuel Community Kitchen!!  Please pass this along to others as we help our 'chefs' sell their products as well as look for new kitchen "chefs"! DADi is proud to have Jenilee join us in the kitchen and proud of her early success!





Humble Pig Smokery Catering

Wade & Samanth Solem, Proprietors
47882 186th St.
Brandt, SD 57218

(DADi was instrumental in getting Humble Pig Smokery off the ground with a business plan and other resources that were available to Solems. If you need help with a business plan and more, contact DADi.)

Wade and Samantha Solem annouce their new business, Humble Pig Smokery, in Brandt. "We've always enjoyed cooking and trying news foods," the Solems said.  Samantha reports, "Wade loves spending time with his moker. He makes our sauces and rubs himself." Their handiness with food prompted them to start Humble Pig Smokery.  They will cater any event from a workplace luncheon to a wedding. They have drawn on their experience and will provide smoked meats and cheeses, BBQ style sides, desserts, appetizers, and sweet tea--all with the freshest ingredients.  However, they are not limited to just that and would appreciate the opportunity to visit with customers about their wishes. Wade grew up in Clear Lake while Sam grew up in western Nebraska.  They have been married for six years and have two children.  They moved back to Deuel County a year ago. 









Foodtopia Farm -- Good Food Healthy Community

Frank and Kim James
660 Missouri St.
Toronto, SD 57268
Phone: 605.794.2088

Foodtopia Farm started out not too long ago on a new adventure to grow and provide fresh produce on a local level.  No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used to produce their vegetables.  They are enjoying re-establishing their connection to the soil and hope to strengthen our rural community in the process.

Starting big time, Foodtopia Farms is now marketing and selling their "Jalapeno Jelly" to area businesses.  Listed below is their product.  If you would like some of this jelly, please contact them at the numbers and addresses listed, or contact DADi and we will make sure we put you in contact with them.

Jalepeno Jelly!! Call Kim as to where her product can be purchased.

Prairie Coteau Farm--Gourmet Organic Garlic

Nick and Kristianna Gehant-Siddens
19079 487th Ave.
Astoria, SD 57213
Phone: 605.832.2062
Email: vegfarm@itctel.com

Website: www.prairiegarlic.com

Check out this article written about Nick Siddens and Kristiana Gehant on their Specialty Farm! It's worth reading and very informative. Land Steward Ship Project 

Did you realize we have a specialty farm in Deuel County that specializes in Gourmet Organic Garlic?

Check out Prairie Coteau Farm where you can choose from six varieties for your garden, table or value living food that imparts good health.

PCF's garlic is planted in the fall and coverd with a thick layer of mulch. Springtime brings hand-weeding before the July harvest. This process is part of our commitment to sustainable, organic growing methods withou the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Fields are rotated to provide the best soil conditions and disease control. Only natural sources of fertility are applied. PCF strives to produce the highest-quality for your planting or eating pleasure.

PCF welcomes contact through email, calling or visiting their website. There is bulk pricing for seed garlic or you can buy your garlic from them per pound.

Garlic is graded by size and sold first-come, first-served starting with the largest bulbs. They sell only the highest quality. Your purchase includes a planting and harvest guide along with a few recipes.

PCF has organic pesto that may be purched at Maynard's Food Center in Clear Lake.



New and Fairly New Businesses in Deuel County:

Florals and Finds

Proprietors:  Margit Fritz and Sharon Voss
314 3rd Ave. South • Clear Lake, South Dakota • 57226
Facebook Page

"A place of unexpected blessing where you can find all your floral needs, unqiue home decor and gifts."

Opening in the Spring of 2016, Florals & Finds began first with the fresh floral portion of their business.  Sharon leads this area of the business as she's had many years experience.  Soon after, Margit, handling the gift section of the business opened their doors with a Grand Opening in June.  From flesh flowers, plants, succulents, to gifts, vintage and antique to wedding planning; Florals and Finds is the newest business on the block.  Be sure to check them out.


Gates Heating & Air Conditioning

Proprietor: Dan Gates
105 SD Highway 22 W
Clear Lake, South Dakota 57226


Gates Heating & Air Conditioning provides  quality workmanship and superior service. Our technicians are professional, dependable and knowledgeable for your complete heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality products and systems, that's our promise to you.

Your home's comfort is important to us! That's why we only install the very best Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) and indoor air quality products available, providing you with the utmost in energy savings, comfort, protection and preservation of your home and its belongings.

Whether you'd like to request more information, need to set up a service call, or are interested in installing a new HVAC system or comfort accessory, our finely trained staff is fully equipped to handle all of your HVAC equipment and indoor air comfort questions and needs.

The Latest from Dan:

How many Evaporative Coils across the United States look like this and nobody knows? What is the IAQ in a home with a Evaporative Coil like this? How many spring and fall maintenance checks are done every year and the Evaporative Coil is never checked?

There is a simple solution to solving this problem! Every heating and cooling system needs to have the CheckEZ Inspection Frame installed. With the CheckEZ Inspection Frame installed on the heating and cooling system, looking at the Evaporative Coil is a breeze! Also, check the top of the furnace heat exchanger, take furnace temperature readings, and check the static pressure of the system. Let's STOP THE MADNESS!!!!! The Evaporative Coil on a heating and cooling system is the least checked part of the system and is one of the most important. Help home owners with IAQ. Help reduce warranty claims. Help reduce service calls and time wasted on service calls. Implement the CheckEZ Inspection Frame and help stop the epidemic!!!!!!

CheckEZ Inspection Frame Link here until their website is up and running!

TJ Dog Training - Service Dog Training

Proprietor:  Tiffany Fitterer
580 Palisades Ave.
Toronto, SD 57268


TJ Dog Training is a business that has been quietly running in the background for a little over a year now.  TJ Dog Training is a board and training facility based out of Toronto, SD. 

Tiffany specializes in Service Dog Training, dealing with behavior modification and she also does general obedience.  Whether you have an aging parent that needs help retrieving items or other help that a trained dog can do; Tiffany can help you by visiting first about needs, type of dogs, using an existing dog and more.  Tiffany also trains dogs for veterans and more. 

Board and training works in such a way that the dog lives with her for an extended period of training, 24/7.  She does run one month general obedience classes.

Service Dog training is also done in a board setting.  A monthly fee is charged and can take anywhere between 2-6 months depending on all the needs of the handler for the dog to learn. She encourages others to contact her directly for information on types of service dogs that she is able to train.

A new facility is being built with some new features.  Plans and arrangements are being mad for a self-serve dog wash, where for $5 per dog, the owner will have access to shampoos, conditioners, pressured water and high powered dryer.  Hours have yet to be established as the wash station is in progress of being built.

Boarding is also a possibility for shorter times when an owner must be away.  The end of November is the targeted date for the new facility to be completed.

It's important to contact Tiffany on any need you have that involves training for obedience or for service training.




R & R Landscape Designs

Proprietor: Rebecca A. Roob
303 Norden St., PO Box 6  
Astoria, South Dakota 57213



R&R Designs, LLC. is owned and operated by Rebecca Roob and her husband Chad. Rebecca is a graduate of honors in Landscape Design, Horticulture, and Turf Management from Southeast Technical Institute. An experienced landscape professional, Rebecca was recently appointed to the board of directors for the South Dakota Nursery and Landscape Association (SDNLA).

Chad is a manager for the Canadian Pacific Railroad in Brookings, SD and has worked on the tracks since ‘99. Rebecca and Chad (born and raised South Dakotans) enjoy gardening, camping, cutting wood, and hunting. Together they have two children and live happily in Astoria, SD.

   JEM Website Design 

Proprietors: Jayme and Michelle Gross
704 10th Ave. South
Clear Lake, South Dakota 57226

605 874-8191
Click below to see their website and other websites they've built.

JEM Design Solutions brochure

JEM Website Design is owned and operated by Jayme and Michelle Gross of Clear Lake, SD. JEM Website Design features professional designs at affordable prices. We love to hear about your project and bring your plans to life.

To see some of the websites they have done; click on the above links in orange.  They just recently finished one in DeSmet, SD.  Consider having them do your website!

Midwest Sewer, Inc.
Bob and Kelli Bauman
606 10th Ave. S
Clear Lake, South Dakota 57226
(605) 874-5555


Midwest Sewer Inc. (MSI) is a local family-owned business located in Clear Lake, SD. MSI serves the upper Midwest area including Clear Lake and the surrounding communities. MSI is owned and operated by Bob and Kelli Bauman and was incorporated in 2008. We specialize in:

  •    Drain and sewer line cleaning
  •    Roto-rooter service
  •    Sewer line video inspection
  •    Trenchless sewer pipe lining
  •    Jetter cleaning service
  •    Manhole Rehabilitation