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Prairie Coteau Farm: Gourmet Organic Garlic, Lamb & Fleece
Prairie Coteau Farm: Gourmet Organic Garlic, Lamb & Fleece Photo

19079 487th Ave.
Astoria, Deuel County, SD 57213
Prairie Garlic

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Nick and Kristianna Gehant-Siddens
United States

Land Stewardship Project

Category:  Success Stories

Did you realize we have a specialty farm in Deuel County that specializes in Gourmet Organic Garlic?

Check out Prairie Coteau Farm where you can choose from six varieties for your garden, table or value living food that imparts good health.

PCF's garlic is planted in the fall and coverd with a thick layer of mulch. Springtime brings hand-weeding before the July harvest. This process is part of our commitment to sustainable, organic growing methods withou the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Fields are rotated to provide the best soil conditions and disease control. Only natural sources of fertility are applied. PCF strives to produce the highest-quality for your planting or eating pleasure.

PCF welcomes contact through email, calling or visiting their website. There is bulk pricing for seed garlic or you can buy your garlic from them per pound.

Garlic is graded by size and sold first-come, first-served starting with the largest bulbs. They sell only the highest quality. Your purchase includes a planting and harvest guide along with a few recipes.

PCF has organic pesto that may be purched at Maynard's Food Center in Clear Lake.

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