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Save Your Fork
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813 Golf View Drive
Clear Lake, SD 57226
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Lynn Simon
813 Golfview Drive
Clear Lake, Deuel, South Dakota 57226

Category:  Success Stories

Cupcakes, Cakes, Pies, Designed Cookies, Pastries & Chocolates

Why should you save your fork...

Growing up on a dairy farm in north central SD, every meal included meat, potatoes and dessert (breakfast included!) Not being much of a farmhand but having a passion for cooking and baking, I had lots of opportunities to work on my creations!  


It is important to me that not only are my goodies made from scratch, fresh and look amazing, but taste so delicious you will be thankful you SAVED YOUR FORK

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To Receive a DADi Business Grant - Let DADi help you with these:

  1. The business receiving a grant must be a Deuel County business.
  2. An Application for a Business Grant must be filled out. 
  3. ‘Start-up’ businesses will take precedence in receiving grants. 
  4. Clientele need to demonstrate that they have an understanding of the components of business planning and the corresponding importance of business plans to small business success. As a result, business plan coaching with the DADi Executive Director will be required as a component for technical assistance consideration.
  5. Grants should ideally aid a business with Technical Assistance monies.  Exceptions need to meet the Board of Directors approval. (These could possibly be listed as ‘testing’ for a product, hidden cost charges from outside resources, classes necessary to assist business.)
  6. Grants may not be used on merchandise, advertising, paying rent or purchasing property, or anything to do with ‘bricks and mortar’ needs.  Exceptions may apply and will be left up to the DADi Board of Director’s. 
  7. Applicants are not required to be a member of DADi; but strongly encouraged to join. 
  8. DADi and the Board of Directors reserve the right to decide if the applicant is following all the criteria, or if there is any question concerning the business.